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It's That Time! The First Kick-off Discussion!

OK, so I want you to feel free to post ANYTHING you want to about the book. Start discussions of your own etc, but I'm going to have some standard questions and some book specific questions as jumping off points in case you don't know what to say. Don't feel you have to answer the questions, but if you want to go for it. Also since there are a bunch of writers in here as well, for each book I'll post a writing exercise. Don't feel you have to do it, it's just an extra fun thing. I think I'll post a poll about the book as well with each one since those are even easier ways to respond. So that way there are at least 3 different ready made ways to interact with the book. But seriously, kick it off, write your own posts, feelings etc.

OK, now for some jumping off questions:

What did you feel was the main intent of this book? The author's overall message/feeling to convey? Did you agree with/disagree with/not comprehend that intent?

What cultural biases do you think influenced the book?

What was your favorite part of the book? Least favorite?

If you were the author of this book what one thing (or multiple things) would you change?

With this particular book the writing style is very distinct. Momaday captures every portion in a picture, a fact, a myth, and a personal experience. Which of the method did you respond most to? Which did you respond least to?

Is there any particular background information you wish you'd had before starting the book?

Now remember these are just starting points! Have fun with it!
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