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My Thoughts (AKA I told ya so!)

OK, so first, the good:
-I loved having closure, I always have those, oh I wish I knew whatever at the end of the series. This was well wrapped up.
- I really liked having Dumbledore's character flushed out more (as well as Snape's!) I think it really shows how often we know a person better after they are gone. Along those lines I have to do a small I told you so dance because I can't do it for Bruce yet because he hasn't gotten that far. But after 1/2 BP I said "I think Snape was in love with Lily and Dumbledore knows this and it's why he trusts him". Some people thought I was reading too much into it and thought that might not have been enough of a reason for Dumbledore to have such trust in them (even though they aren't reading this) I now do my patented I told you so dance MUHAHAH! OK better now.
-I loved that Draco lived and nothing too overly dramatic changed for him. Because that's how things usually are. Your arch nemesis in school doesn't usually die a horribly well deserved death but rather grows up to be a snivelling whiner who raises yet another snivelling whiner. And that's what happens.
-LOVED Mrs Weasley fight scene...dude don't mess with the mama bear!
-There was a lot of other good but I'm catching such a snippet of time I'd better move on to the potentially more controversial, that being the bad:

-Didn't care for the pacing overall. Some times I felt like I got it, they are still looking for horacruxes and have no idea where to go move onnnn, and then all of the sudden it was oh they found one, and everything was moving at lightening speed and oh we're almost at the end.
-A few things seemed strange, like, OK I'm not the most careful of readers on these kind of books, but am I the only person who had no idea who that teacher was that was suspended then killed in the beginning? It might have made more sense to me been more poignant if I'd had some kind of connection to her.
-Now this is "bad" is just a personal preference thing, not an author thing (her universe her decisions, it's just one of those me thoughts), somehow, I've just never had a lot of buy in to the whole Harry/Ginny thing. I mean it's nice that Harry is 100% part of the Weasley family now...but I don't know. I have no idea who I WOULD pair Harry up with..anyway again, her universe her decisions :)

Anyway, just my initial thoughts..what about you?
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