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So, I think an online book club will be a lot of fun. I want to say that this is everyone in here's community, my little bit about the rules on the front page is merely to scare away weirdos (no not you tiggrrgrr ) and to avail myself of dealing with constant whining by people I don't know. I'm very open to whining by people I *do* know. In anycase, if anyone has a hankering to be a moderator as well I'm happy to set you up (it may take me awhile to figure out how, but I'm happy to do so).

OK, so I've got an idea for the first book. It's called Way to Rainy Mountain. It can be found here for as cheap as .97 It's a VERY fast read (which with the holidays coming up and all I thought might be a good idea) and it's something I'm pretty positive none of you have ever read. It's also by a Native American author and written in a very different writing style. It's also sure to spark some conversation and some thinking, even just about the style itself. So if you all have no objections, we'll call that one a go. And since it will take awhile for everyone to join and what with the holidays and what not we'll call this the book for Nov & Dec.
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