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More About the Book Club

jennae just pointed out that I didn't put a dealine down. So since this book is for Nov and December I'll put the "deadline" at January 2nd. It's the first Monday in January and so I'll post some "official" questions, discussions etc at that point. Then from then on we'll do the same (the first Monday of each month). Unless someone has a strenous objection. And remember, it's online so you can comment on Monday, Tuesday, Wed etc.
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dude..what is the icon? I've been staring for like a minute straight and I am confused!

Are we just going to have the one entry about it on the official questions and then branch all discussions from there or what?
Nah, people can post whatever they want, HOWEVER I will do a kick off post for each book just to make sure there is some discussion. Even if it ends up being me talking to myself. ;) That way there are questions, or whatnot for people to answer in case they want to say something but don't know what to say, if that makes sense.
yeah I've never been in a book club or really discussed a book so this will be interesting.

I gave the comm pimpage in my journal.

And how about an intro post when we first start after everyone has read the book?
Ooh great idea! :)
Oh and the icon is someone reading and falling into a hole.
I've never fallen into a hole, but I've tripped lol
Mom I totally love your icon.

It sounds like something I'd do. hahahaha no. lol