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Melissa and Friends Book Nook

Melissa and Friends
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This Community is a monthly book club. Set up originally for the purpose of discussing books with many of my LJ friends, anyone who is willing to commit to reading the monthly book and commenting is welcome to join. Please note this is a DFZ (Drama Free Zone). Meaning, disagree about the book if you want but do so courteously and with some modicum of logic. Inflammatory posts for their own sake do not belong here and will be deleted without notice. Please, we're all adults, act like it.

This community is set up to be a book club. If you have relevant information about a great book we should read, please feel free to post about it. If you are trying to sell a book, please go to ebay. As a general rule pictures aren't going to be relevant, if they truly are, please place them behind an lj-cut.

Community rules are subject to change, and we will follow the Cranium rule here, "you no makea the community you no makea the rules". Of course I'm happy to entertain suggestions etc, however if you want a different community go join one or make your own!

Current moderator can be reached at waltonma@bagheraonline.net